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These are some of the challenging products we have done over the last few years. Many have been important parts of complex medical imaging systems. Our ability to understand the problem, provide the many engineering disciplines and make it all work properly is the reason for our success.





12 Axis Motion Control

Medical imaging positioner requiring 7 axis servos and 5 passive motions. User interface, multiple control points. Goto autoposition, active collision avoidance.

CAN Bus distributed processors, highand low power servo amps. 3D modeling to produce enclosures from urethane castings. Machine intelligence for autopositioning and collision avoidance.

High Speed

Xray tube anode must be spun up to speed quickly before xray image taken. High Voltage, High Power 3-Phase induction mtor booster. UL Cert, compact packaging.

IGBT modules create PWM for 3-Phase boost. Phase capacitor. Compact, high power dissipation aluminum frame. Fault monitoring, serial link with generator.

Clamp on Capacitive Fluid Sensor

R&D Project to provide means to determine amount of air accumulating in cardiac assist blood flow circuit. Highly sensitive circuit packaged using Rapid Prototype SLA parts.

Capacitive sensor (Quantum QT9701) flex circuitry, 3D design for stereolithography enclosure, custom cable.

Handheld Pendant Control

CAN based control pendant features mulit-level switches. Produced cast epoxy & silicone enclosures from industrial design renderings. Soft overmold.

2 sided SMT PCB. Extensive 3D mechanical design for 8 custom castings & actuator levers. CAN bus communication, "deadman" safety circuit.

Color Touch Panel



Color LCD touch panel for xray generator user interface. Custom designed enclosure with resistive touch panel, generator-specific interface. Encoder knob. GUI software and generator control.

Used PC-104 CPU for modular flexibility. Compact cast urethane enclosure designed for standard display mounting. Serial and CAN comm links.

Pediatric Hearing Screener

Handheld clinical device to provide hearing stimulus for testing hearing in infants. Processor controlled for calibrated output level and frequency. Battery operated.

Used logarithmic attenuator to get wide range of calibrated output levels. Low distortion sine wave generation.

Plug In Emulator for Obsolete Processor

Rescued legacy product that had relied upon obsolete Hitachi processor. Software adapted to Cygnal 8051 family, and plug-in module allows continued production of equipment

Reverse engineering hardware & software, matching modern processor to existing socket requirements. Software to emulate required functions.

3D Target Location Using Ultrasound Probe

3D precision digitizing arm with strap-on ultrasonic probe allowed near real-time target location in human patients. Provided aiming coordinates for kidney-stone treatment on lithotripter.

Analysis of robotic joints, ultrasound imaging characteristics and patient table geometry. Develop target locating algorithms using 2D to 3D transformations. User interface, mechanical and electrical engineering to integrate digitizing equipment.

LCD Readout with  Built in Inclinometer



Readout panel and control processor provides user interface and supervision to xray "tube stand" equipment. Rotational angle of xray beam determined by accelerometer.

Angular position readout to better than 1 degree without requiring pots or wiring. User interface with graphic display flips orientation during rotation so it always reads right.

Stereotaxic Biopsy Control

Digitize suspected lesion location on stereo 2D xray images then determine 3D location and steer motorized biopsy instrument for automatic aiming.

Developed algorithms for 2D to 3D transformations. User interface for digitizing tablet. Compact, multiaxis servo control to drive biopsy positioner.

USB Light Pen Adapter

Very compact adapter to match existing light pen product to new USB application. Circuit design, packaging and USB driver software required.

USB protocol, light pen processing software. Interface to existing light pen product.

CAN Bus Control Panel

Multi axis control box operated positioning gantry using CAN Bus. Autopositioner panel allowed multiple sets of prestored positions. Sturdy construction for medical application.

Dome switch keyboard with cast silicone keypad. Cast aluminum enclosure. Device was one of several on CAN Bus and controlled hi power multiaxis servo system.

Relay Matrix Card

Large test set for factory test of satellite electronics. Modular design allowed crosspoint switching of 180 inputs to 6 output buses. Built in stimulus and measurement, glitch detector.

Modular design and rugged construction for aerospace application. Glitch detector monitored all inputs for transient signals.

 Aerospace 1553 Bus Adapter Module


Compact bus converter module adapted 1553 Bus to low voltage differential interface. PCB design, aluminum extrusion package.

Adapt customer requirements to practical mechanical design for short run production. PCB layout & metal enclosure.

 Cardiac Assist Pump System



Complex, high reliability battery backed system for cardiac assist pump. UL, CE and FEA. Power Management. Provide electrical and software design for subassemblies. Documentation and test procedures

Electrical design for low level strain guiage sensors with high grade medical isolation, power circuits for motor drive and battery charging. Software for CAN bus communication, GUI display and 3D packaging.