Control panel switch detail

Hi speed comm card for CT scanner

Imaging phantom on system with 3D ultrasonic target location and xray

  • Specializing in technical product development for Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications.

  • Innovative & Reliable Engineering to bring your ideas to life.

  • Hardware, Software & Packaging for Product Development.

For over 20 years we have developed a wide range of products. Some of our skills and technologies are highlighted in these pages.

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Control Pendant for 5 Axis Positioner


Innovative & Reliable Engineering. Data Spectrum, Inc. is a product development firm proud of its innovative and reliable engineering solutions. Our reputation has been built over many years of consulting and product development for our varied clients.

Easy to Work With. We provide an engineering resource to accelerate our client's technical product development. We're on call as a multi-resource technical department to fill in where they need help with skills and technologies not available on their staff. Projects with manpower shortages or schedule problems will move forward with our assistance.

Let us help you boost the output of your engineering department! We are located in Southern California and have been serving our clients since 1984.

We won the Medical Design Excellence Award in 2003 for our contributions to Cardiovention's CORx product.

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  Data Spectrum, Inc.
  2615 Manhattan Beach Blvd
  Redondo Beach, CA 90278

(310) 643-0040
FAX: (310) 643-0041

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