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Since 1984 Data Spectrum has been developing industrial, scientific and medical products for our OEM clients. We have successfully contributed to a wide range of development projects in imaging, motion control, avionics and medical electronics.

We have solid engineering experience in creating products aimed at the technical and professional markets. These designs often include microprocessor-based motion control, analog & digital interface, LCD touchscreen, audio, power supplies, battery charging, communication links and system design. We can analyze a scientific problem and devise processing algorithms or build models and prototypes in our shop to evaluate design approaches.

Our full service abilities include circuit design (Orcad), PCB layout & fabrication (PADS), and mechanical design & 3D modeling (Solidworks). Since we define and manage the interface details between software, electrical and mechanical packaging, your product will come to life with the fewest iterations.

With our experience in medical product design, we can handle the added challenges of getting technical products to market within the constraints of regulatory review and product safety and reliability considerations.

Please contact us to discuss your development project. Our website at www.dataspec.com highlights many of the successful projects we have handled.

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